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Fear The Big Wheel

Saturday, December 23, 2006

5:29PM - Sometimes I wonder...

Whats wrong with me. I take things that shouldnt matter and they effect me. I cant understand why I suck so much. I refuse to give up but the distance kills me. I want a life but I want her in it so bad. I feel depressed at the thought of leaving her to go out when I know I cant invite her along. I'm never as happy as I pretend. I miss her so much... I just want to walk hand in hand again and know that we're together beyond just words...

Current mood: lonely

Thursday, February 3, 2005

10:09AM - Mandalay - Insensible

I pulled a loose thread
I gathered you in
Discovered I could
A pivot for your sun

You invited me in
As if it's nothing
We tread on old ground
As if it's nothing now

It's like I hardly see the sky some days
It's like you hardly said a word
It's like I hardly see the sky somedays
And i'd do better if I turned my head
Knowing you did

I wouldn't be here
If you could have said no
I wouldn't have come here
If ever I had known

It's like I hardly see the sky somedays
It's like you hardly said a word
It's like I hardly see the sky somedays
And I'd do better if I turned my head
Knowing you did

Knowing you called
Knowing you held her
Knowing you kissed
Knowing you did all this

It's like I hardly see the sky some days
It's like you hardly said a word
It's like I hardly see the sky somedays
And I'd do better if I turned my head
Knowing you did.

Current mood: blah

Friday, January 7, 2005

10:12AM - Someone Anyone!!

Send me random Bis tunes cuz I'm to damn lazy to download them or even hunt them down for that matter.

While your making good things happen... make people release new episodes of all the shows I havent seen in awhile. Rozen Maiden, Beet The Vandel Buster, Fantastic Children, Beck, Meine Liebe, Uta Kata, School Rumbe, and SunaBouzo

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fear me.

whoo, it's been a while... someone else needs to bump the community...

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


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Saturday, June 12, 2004


*tap tap* is this thing on...

I just joined today because I was bored and wandering about.

Here's a bunch of truly random stuff. stuff that will make you (whoever you are) doubt my sanity

complete stream of consciousness here goes:

I'm Liz, Lizzie, or Lizabeth you chose
I live in an area technically below sea level.
I listen to music that pounds and somethins snaps, growls, or fleeps, and swells
I Put up new pictures on my walls today.
I'm going to a sleepover, house party tomorrow.
I saw some flowers that grew by the side of the road were nice, so I stopped my mom's car and got some. They were purple and hanging from the trees.

I consider myself a rather boring person.:/

Last night I had a dream about being in japan, I was in a train station, but it was a resturaunt too..sort of like a food court. I don't know my dreams all have weird archetecture in them.
Anyhoo, I was eating big sushi rolls, like futo maki, and when you pulled a string a prize came out of the middle of the sushi roll, and if you pulled the string out just right, you got to keep whatever the prize was. if the sting broke, the waiters took the prize, and the rest of your food away.

The night before I had a dream about a guy I know named steve, and a guy I know named Mike, and mike was the head of a hooligan gang that rode big bikes, and lived in a concrete building. pure concrete. anyway, steve went missing and I could not find him. then I forgot how the rest went.
I only remember my dreams when I sleep late.

and I think the term "the crazies" for a group of people is just great. Oh, don't mess with them, they're the crazies.

speaking of insanity this is a good tune
It's called "the edge of madness" and it was kniteforce #1
..was repressed but the repress is now impossible to find too.

Ok that's enough random jibberish for now, but honestly I could go on longer. This is fun :X

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004



Thursday, April 22, 2004

10:30AM - hrm yes well...

This community is on the never been born side of things and should be born so um... lets get this ball rolling or someting...

Make an entry about yourself with what you normally tell people when the ask about you....

Hobbies - Music - Location - Age - Murder Victims... that sorta thing.

Feel free to include any information you deem worthy.

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Sunday, September 7, 2003

10:55PM - Walk Along

While walking with Marc the other night I came up with something to post in here. I have since forgotten what that something was.

I'll try instead to be slightly entertaining [and mos def random] by commencing to link to five random journals...

The End

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Saturday, August 30, 2003

1:48PM - We need....

more members and converstaion...

any suggestions?

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Monday, June 30, 2003

11:06AM - So it has begun.

Self destruction through denial of problem. I have created a community fear me. [roars] Nothing can stop the devoid attempts at social alliance through propagation of mental defiance. Join the community already!

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